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About Biogrowi

Mathias & Es

Biogrowi is a family business founded in 1992 by Es Mannaerts. Organic gardening was still an exception at the time, fertilizers and chemicals were the future. Es was convinced that things could and should be done differently.

Her mission was to make natural control products available to the gardener; products such as natural predators, nematodes and pheromone traps. This was done through garden centers and through sales to individuals in her organic gardening store. After fifteen very successful years, this store has evolved into the current company, Biogrowi.

Nowadays, more attention is being paid to nature and the environment. Also in gardening, more and more importance is given to natural methods. But in practice, what can you do about pests in your garden?

With our years of knowledge and experience, we can certainly help you. We offer a wide range of beneficial insects, nematodes and pheromone traps, in addition to our other innovative natural products.

Let the website guide you; you're sure to find what you're looking for. And if you have a question that you haven't found the answer to yet, don't hesitate to ask us.

Mathias & Es

The Biogrowi garden

The goal of Biogrowi

The ultimate goal of Biogrowi is to make every gardener work towards a balanced garden. This means that the ecosystem created takes care of its own natural enemies. In the first place, it protects the plants, but later on, ladybugs, lacewings, birds, hedgehogs, ... will also fight against the pests. There will be a growing cooperation between all inhabitants of your garden.

The more your garden evolves to this point of balance, the less work there will be to rid your garden of all kinds of pests. The garden itself will do the work, without the need for chemical pesticides. All you have to do is enjoy the creations and be amazed by what nature has to offer.

The Biogrowi demo garden

Biogrowi also puts this into practice. For thirty years, we have had an ornamental garden, a greenhouse and a vegetable garden next to our business in Loonbeek. Of course, in the beginning we had pests because of the absence of their natural enemies. We first had to create biotopes in which plants and animals would feel comfortable. A toad and a hedgehog might have just happened to pass by, but the main goal was to keep them there. As soon as the hedgehog had found a place to hibernate, he began to eat the slugs with relish. To each his own, right?

But what exactly is the role of ants in a garden? Are they a pest or do we need them? Or are they the prey of a green woodpecker? What about the long-tailed tit, which catches spiders in window corners? The blackbirds that limit the presence of snails? But is there even a safe hedge or tree where a pair of blackbirds can nest? And that toad that feeds very happily on flies and other insects...

We are happy to share our personal knowledge and experience, as well as the results of ongoing studies in other study centers. To do so, we provide various means: the Biogrowi knowledge center, our blog, trade shows and fairs where we are present, articles in various professional journals, conferences and lectures that we give.

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Serving nature

100% biologische
All our products are 100% harmless to humans, nature and animals.

Biogrowi wants to help nature with you! A garden is in fact an artificially created biotope in which the ecological balance is disturbed. Some species can therefore become real scourges. By choosing products from our range, you avoid collateral damage during the fight. Your garden will then quickly become a patch of true nature. Biogrowi is serving nature.

Sustainable business activities

We are also extending the concept of sustainablility into our business activities:

  • We mainly use custom boxes for packaging. This limits the amount of filler material.
  • We reuse as much packaging as possible.
  • We reuse filling materials to fill boxes, and the material we purchase ourselves is always 100% recyclable.
  • If the shipment needs to be refrigerated, we use expanded polystyrene boxes with water-based cooling elements.
    You can return these boxes to us or use them yourself. The cooling elements can always be refrozen.
  • Delivering an order with a courier service always results in CO₂ emissions. However, all CO₂ emissions are offset, so that the delivery is made with a neutral CO₂ balance.
  • Products that need to be stored at low temperatures (pheromone capsules: -18 ° C, nematodes: 5 ° C) are cooled with A++ certified cold rooms.
  • Our website also has as little impact as possible on the environment. The servers are 100% green hosted.

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