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B-green+ | Nematodes for chafer grubs

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  • Attacks even the larger larvae of various chafer species
  • Use from end April - September
  • Use at a soil temperature of at least 12°C
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    B-green+ contains two different species of nematodes that will attack even the large grubs of various chafer species that are commonly found in lawns and gardens.

    Grub damage

    Grubs feed on grass roots, causing it to die. Initially, dry, yellow, brownish, open spots appear on the lawn. If you fertilize the lawn well and water it sufficiently, the grass will maintain itself properly and you will not see the actual damage until after a dry spell. Over time, the grass seems to come off the ground, you can roll it up as if it were a carpet, and underneath the grass you can easily see grubs. If there are no more roots available, the grubs will move to healthier grassy areas. Therefore, it is important to treat the entire lawn with nematodes, or at least around the affected areas to prevent the spread. Birds and moles love to eat grubs and will further add to the damage.

    Fighting Grubs

    Grubs can be easily controlled with nematodes, which are small microscopic round worms invisible to the naked eye. B-green+ contains nematodes that infect and kill grubs. After spreading B-green+ on the affected lawn, the nematodes seek out the larvae and enter them through natural body openings. Once inside the larva, the nematodes will excrete bacteria that will cause the death of the larva. This results in a white-beige to reddish-brown coloration of the larvae. The first larvae may die two to four days after treatment. New generations of nematodes will form in the dead larvae, which will be released into the soil when the larvae are broken down. The product remains active for six weeks. Since the larvae population has significantly decreased during this period and the nematodes can only survive a short time without a host (larvae), the nematodes will also die.

    B-green+ is a mixture of two types of nematodes, Heterohapditis bacteriophora and Steinernema feltiae. These nematodes are safe for humans, animals (including earthworms) and the environment. There are no resistance problems.

    Applying nematodes for grubs

    1. Make sure the lawn or soil is moist before applying B-green+. Water beforehand if necessary.
    2. Nematodes are supplied in a powdery substrate. Mix the powder with water and spread it on the lawn (always in the evening or on cloudy or rainy days).
    3. After treatment, the subsoil should not dry out for at least 2 weeks, preferably 5 weeks, after application. The top centimeter of soil may dry out, as the nematodes work deep in the soil. A wet summer is therefore ideal for applying the nematodes.

    B-green+ has a limited shelf life: one week to 10 days in the clay substrate in which it is delivered. The product should be stored in a refrigerator (5°) until the expiration date indicated on the package

    The advantages of nematodes

    • No residues
    • Safe for humans, animals and the environment
    • Act quickly and efficiently

    Effective on the following beetles

    • First-year larvae of the common cockchafer / May beetle (Melolontha melolontha)
    • First- and second-year larvae of the summer chafer / June beetle (Amphimallon solstitiale)
    • First- and second-year larvae of the Welsh chafer (Hoplia philanthus)

    Application Period :

    The best time to use B-Green+ depends on which species you are treating:

    Common name Scientific name When to use B-Green+ Consecutive years to treat
    Common chafer, cockchafer, May beetle Melolontha melolontha Mid-August - mid-September 3 - 4 years
    Summer chafer, June beetle Amphimallon solstitiale End April - end May 2 years
    Welsh chafer Hoplia philanthus End April - end May 2 years
    Pro's & cons
    • plus-circle Attacks larger grubs than B-Green
    • plus-circle Can be applied earlier in the season than B-Green
    • minus-circle Not economical when treating large areas (+200m²): choose B-Green instead
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