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Biobox | 10 release boxes for beneficial insects

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  • Easily release beneficial insects
  • Set of 10 release boxes
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 5 cm
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    Biobox is a small cardboard box that can easily be hung up in crops. Various natural enemies such as predatory mites, predatory bugs, lacewing larvae or ladybugs can easily be placed in it and then dispersed

    This is an interesting accessory if biological enemies against pests cannot be released directly on the foliage of the plants. When outdoors, as it is usually windy (and rainy) or on plants with small leaves (e.g. roses), we recommend using the Biobox

    The Biobox is equipped with a hook to hang it from the branches. When outside, it is best to attach the Biobox to the branches with a clothespin so that it does not fall down when it is very windy. You can also choose to use coffee filters attached with clothespins instead of Bioboxes. Once the predators have spread from the Biobox, they will find their way into the crop on their own to control the pests.

    Use small amounts in many Bioboxes

    It is very important to put few beneficial insects in each box but to hang several boxes so that the predators are quickly and evenly distributed on the affected plants. Especially if you put ladybug or Chrysopa larvae (chrysopa larvae) in the Bioboxes, be careful not to fill the box too much. These larvae are cannibals and will eat each other in the box

    Use a Biobox, or release directly on leaves?

    It is always preferable to spread the natural predators directly on the leaves, as the beneficial insects are closer to their prey. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. If the plants have no leaves or if the leaves are small, many insects will fall to the ground and be lost. In this case, you should definitely opt for Bioboxes.

    Bioboxes are very practical if you use the insects in a preventive way. This way, you only have to hang the boxes once. Afterwards, you can easily distribute the beneficial insects by simply refilling the boxes.

    Pro's & cons
    • plus-circle Facilitates the release of beneficial insects in plants with small and/or hanging leaves
    • plus-circle Reusable
    • plus-circle Charming design that blends in well with greenery
    • minus-circle It's still best to release beneficial insects directly onto leaves when possible
    • minus-circle Coffee filters work just as well to release beneficial insects, and you might already have coffee filters at home
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    Handig in gebruik
    Ik wissel af tussen deze en koffiefilters maar de koffiefilters worden gemakkelijker vochtig en als je niet oplet sproei je er over dus ik verkies deze handige doosjes die je kan open en toe vouwen en hergebruiken
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    We are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET, Monday through Friday. We speak English, Dutch, French and German!
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