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Mier-run | Ant nematodes

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  • Attacks ants at the source
  • For use in lawns, gardens and potted plants
  • Use at soil temperatures of 10°C or above
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    Ants are ubiquitous and should not be killed systematically. We often find ants annoying because they tear up the tiles on the patio or because they bother us when we are lying on the lawn. Ants are also common on trees, shrubs and plants. The main reason is that they want to "milk" the aphids present. By regularly feeling the aphids, they excrete more sugars which the ants enjoy. There are many reasons to want the ants to leave the area.

    Nematodes for ants

    You can use Mier-run nematodes against ants from the moment you observe their activity above ground. Nematodes work on both black and red ants. The nematodes only work in moist soil, which means that Mier-run cannot be used indoors or on patio tiles. Tiles or floors must always be removed to spread the nematodes on the underlying soil.

    How does Mier-run work?

    Adult ants do not tolerate nematodes in the soil and therefore leave their nest. The larvae of the ants are killed by the nematodes. In this way, you will eradicate a complete nest and soon you will not have to suffer from ants anymore.

    How to use nematodes against ants?

    1. Treatment of ant clusters: Large local clusters of ants on the surface can be treated individually by pouring nematodes directly into the nest entrance. The smallest package of Mier-run is sufficient for 5 nests.
    2. Ants in your lawn, borders or vegetable garden: in this case, you should treat the entire surface of the lawn or border, not just the areas where you see piles of ants above ground. Many ant nests are underground and therefore not visible. Treating only locally visible ant nests will have a poor effect.


    • Mier-run for 5 m² contains 5 million nematodes and is therefore sufficient for 5 ant nests
    • Mier-run for 50 m² contains 50 million nematodes and is also sufficient for 50 ant nests
    • Mier-run for 250 m² contains 250 million nematodes and is sufficient for 250 ant nests

    Tips and tricks

    • The soil must be moist.
    • Do not apply in full sun.
    • Keep the soil and/or the ant nest moist for 2 weeks.
    • Use a nematode sprayer for large areas.
    Pro's & cons
    • plus-circle 100% natural product that targets ant larvae within the nest
    • plus-circle Safe for people, pets and plants
    • plus-circle No pesticides or residues
    • minus-circle Cannot be used on hard surfaces like patios or indoors
    • minus-circle It's possible ants will nest somewhere else in your garden
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    We are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET, Monday through Friday. We speak English, Dutch, French and German!
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