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No-slug | Nematodes for slugs

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  • Targets slugs underground where most slugs are found
  • Use from March to October
  • Apply from a soil temperature of 6°C
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    Snails, but especially slugs, cause a lot of damage in the vegetable garden. They can destroy the leaves of plants in a few hours. Especially after a mild winter and a wet spring, slugs multiply explosively in your garden. Therefore, fighting them is usually the only solution if you want to grow a garden.

    Slugs spend 90% of their lives underground. Underground, they digest their meals, lay eggs, and eat plant roots. To win the battle against slugs, you must fight them underground. The only product that fights slugs in the soil is No-Slug © nematodes.

    Slug reproduction

    Slugs are hermaphrodites, they all have two genitalia (both male and female), which allows each slug to be fertilized and lay eggs. A slug can lay up to 500 eggs per year. This is why you are overrun with slugs in a very short time.

    They lay their eggs in groups of 15 to 50 in the ground or under plant waste. The eggs are small and translucent white. In less favorable conditions, the eggs can survive for a long time until conditions are better, and then hatch anyway. Normally, there are 2 generations of slugs per year. However, there may be an increase in generations during wet summers.

    Slug eggs

    Slug eggs

    When to treat slugs with nematodes?

    Slugs can be treated with nematodes from March to October, with a minimum soil temperature of 6 ° C.

    Slugs can be treated with nematodes from March to October

    Treat your garden with No-Slug from March to October

    TIP: To avoid having slugs in early spring, you can also opt for a treatment between late August and late September. Slugs killed in the fall will not be able to lay eggs in the spring. Also, the soil temperature in September is ideal for nematodes. This way you have less damage in the spring when you can't yet use No-Slug ©.

    Slug damage

    Slugs can consume the equivalent of half their weight in one hour. Damage can occur both above and below ground. Vegetable and ornamental plants are very popular with slugs. Think of our Hosta plants in the ornamental garden or lettuce, new bean plants, zucchini and pumpkins in the vegetable garden. Slugs will ruin seedlings and young plants. Of course, they have their place in ecosystems and also function as useful clean-up crew. In addition to eating tasty living plants, they also feed on micro-organisms and dead organic waste.

    Slug damage

    Slug damage

    How do nematodes kill slugs?

    Nematodes are small microscopic roundworms. Many have evolved to kill one specific pest. No-Slug contains Phasmarhabditis californica nematodes, which are very effective against garden slugs.

    Nematodes find slugs in the soil and enter them through natural body openings such as the mouth and anus. The nematodes secrete specific bacteria into the slug with which they live in symbiosis. After a few days, the infected slug will stop eating and eventually die. The nematodes feed and grow further in the bodies of dead slugs. New generations of nematodes are released into the soil after the slugs have decomposed and seek new prey.

    Nematodes from under the microscope

    Nematodes as seen from under the microscope

    We work with insect-parasitoid nematodes. This means that nematodes parasitize animal organisms and then kill them, in this case slugs. These nematodes are harmless to plants and are often mistaken for plant-parasitic nematodes, which parasitize plants and cause, among other things, potato blight

    Free of slugs forever?

    Our No-Slug© is not a panacea against slugs. However, it will greatly reduce your slug population in the soil, so you won't see many slugs above ground. If you see a dozen slugs above ground before treatment, that means there are at least a hundred below ground and you can repeat the nematode treatment after 6 weeks.

    No-slug© provides protection against slugs and snails for at least 6 weeks. After these 6 weeks, the nematode activity is inhibited by the influence of other naturally occurring predatory nematodes found in soil, along with parasitic fungi and other microorganisms. If your soil is wet or if your land is adjacent to a pasture or forest, you will naturally have an annual supply of slugs. You will need to treat your soil every year.

    Harmless ?!

    Biogrowi only sells products that are harmless to humans, animals (such as pets, hedgehogs, earthworms) and the environment. The products are approved for organic agriculture, are manufactured in a natural way and will never cause any damage. With Biogrowi products, you can rest assured that you won't be harming other wildlife in any way. At Biogrowi, we are Serving Nature.

    100% organic

    Harmless for people, pets and the environment

    Slugs in the vegetable garden?

    Nematodes against slugs can also be used in vegetable gardens. They reduce the number of slugs in your garden within 6 weeks.

    Can I overdose nematodes?

    You can use a higher dose of nematodes without any problem. By spreading more nematodes over a (much) smaller area, you will only see faster results. More slugs will be infected all at once, and they will die at the same time.

    How to use No-slug?

    1. Make sure the soil is damp before applying the nematodes.
    2. The nematodes are supplied in a powder or gel substance. Mix this substance with water, dilute it and spread it on the soil (always in the evening or on cloudy or rainy days). You should always apply No-slug on bare soil.
    3. After treatment, the surface should not dry for at least 2 weeks, preferably 5 weeks after application. The first layer (ca. 1 cm) can dry out, because the nematodes work in the subsoil. A humid summer is therefore ideal for applying the nematodes, and autumn is typically the perfect time.
    No-slug nematodes to kill slugs

    No-Slug nematodes for slugs

    No-slug reviews

    • "After receiving it, I immediately treated and applied the No-Slug, and I only observed a few slugs in a few weeks and months. The product does a great job."
    • "I had a lot of slugs every year, and after applying No-Slug, the amount became minimal. Almost no more slugs!"
    • "To date, after only a few months, only a few slugs have been detected, so the product is having an effect." - Tristan
    • "Few or no more slugs in our vegetable garden, thanks for the good product and the delivery was fast." - Elke

    Storing No-slug ©?

    No-Slug are living organisms and cannot be stored for months. Order No-slug just before application. The product can be stored for at least 7 days at 5°C.

    Pro's & cons
    • Targets slugs underground, where 90% of slugs are located
    • Safe for animals that eat slugs like birds and hedgehogs
    • Safe for people, pets, and plants
    • 100% natural, organic, and environmentally friendly
    • Results are only visible after about two weeks
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