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Trap for red mites & other poultry mites

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The red lice trap for the signalling and mass capture of blood lice and blood mites in the chicken house. You can fight lice by removing them from the coop.
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The red lice trap is made of several layers of cardboard between which red lice like to hide. Inside the trap is a pheromone. This is an attractant that will attract both male and female mites. Mites that have already sucked blood are also attracted to the pheromone.

When to use it?

  • As a preventive measure

    Hang a trap in early spring to see if mites are already present. By monitoring them early, you can intervene in time with Chickenheppie predatory mites.

  • In a curative way

    Pheromone traps capture red lice in large numbers. In case of a large population of mites, it is recommended to combine the pheromone trap with predatory mites against lice and Avimite immediately. This pheromone trap can also be used in late fall and winter if it is too cold to introduce predatory mites.

Where to place them?

The trap can be hung in different places in the pen: on the ceiling, on the perches, on the feeders. The easiest way to do this is to use a paper clip or clothespin. Hang the trap(s) in the most infected area(s).

When to remove them?

  • Preventive use

    Leave the trap hanging until the red lice are detected and then leave them for another 5 days before removing them.

  • Curative use

    5 days after hanging, the pheromone trap should be emptied as much as possible by tapping it into a cardboard box. Many mites will then fall into the box and you will burn the box. Do this every 5 days and even more frequently if there is a large population of lice.

  • After 25 days, you should remove the trap permanently. After this time, many eggs will have been laid in the trap. Put the trap back in the plastic bag it came in and close it carefully. Then dispose of it in the household waste. You can of course replace the traps more frequently. This is certainly recommended for a large mite population. Then simply hang up a new trap.

    TIP: Write the date on the trap so you can remember when to remove it.

    How many traps should I set?

    In small coops or aviaries, one trap is usually enough. You should leave a distance of 5 to 10 m between two mite traps. You need several traps per season because after 5 days the traps become saturated with red lice.

    Combination with other control methods?

    The pheromone trap can be combined with other biological or chemical agents. For a purely biological control, you can combine it with Chickenheppie and Avimite.


    Red lice traps are best used within one year of purchase. Store them in the coolest place possible - the cellar or an unheated garage is ideal - but not in the freezer because the cardboard may soften.

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