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Quality guarantee

We guarantee the best quality! We will send you exactly the quantity of predatory mites, nematodes or ladybug larvae you have ordered. We can guarantee this through very fast delivery of the products after production, production control and, if necessary, refrigerated shipping.

Quality guarantee
Fig.1 - Biogrowi guarantees the quality of its products

Fast delivery after production

We are proud to say that we are the only supplier that manages to send the predatory mites produced in the morning to the end customer the same afternoon. This allows us to offer the best possible quality with live products and in most cases you will receive even more predatory mites than you ordered. In fact, we always pack more beneficial insects (predatory mites, nematodes and larvae) than requested because we take into account that they still need to be shipped. We choose to ship our products as a parcel by mail, so the delivery time for Belgium and the Netherlands is usually 1 day. This short time between production and delivery due to shipping by courier guarantees you the best quality!

Production control

Each batch of predatory mites and nematodes is controlled by the producer. We regularly take samples from the products. For example, we regularly count ladybug larvae before they leave. We also make test shipments in winter or during heat waves to check the night temperatures during transport to ensure that the products reach you in good condition. In addition, we use a number of products ourselves in the Biogrowi test garden, in particular preventive agents against mites and thrips, as well as numerous pheromone traps to prevent pests.

Production control microscope
Production control

Refrigerated shipping if necessary

If necessary, we ship the products refrigerated. In combination with the above measures, we are confident that products that leave our premises in excellent condition will arrive at your premises in the same condition. Depending on the product and the expected outside temperatures at the time, we will determine if your order should be shipped refrigerated. Therefore, you may receive a refrigerated package one time and not the next. We assess this situation daily.

Frequently asked questions

Can I store products for several days?

Nematodes: Yes, you can store nematodes at 5°C until the expiration date. Nematodes are shipped with an expiration date minimum of one week in the future. You should store nematodes in the refrigerator if you would like to use them closer to the expiration date, but they may be shipped at ambient temperatures.

Predatory mites: Yes, but... every day, the quality diminishes a bit. The longer you keep them, the more the quantity will decrease. However, there are always more predatory mites in the tubes than advertised. This ensures that you will receive at least the quantity you purchased, even if the package takes an extra day on the road. However, we advise you to release them the same day you receive them, and not to keep them in the tube unnecessarily.

Pheromone capsules: Yes, after purchase, pheromone capsules can always be stored in the freezer for the following season. A pheromone capsule, regardless of the manufacturer, can only be stored for two years. We guarantee that the pheromone capsules purchased are freshly produced at the time of purchase. They are also kept in our freezer at all times. This ensures that the quality of the scent is optimal at the time you receive them. You can also store them in the freezer for the next season. If you want to use the pheromones during the same season, you can store them in the refrigerator or freezer as you wish. Most pheromones are individually wrapped in a sealed foil pouch. This ensures that the capsules will not be contaminated by odors from your freezer or refrigerator. To eliminate the risk of odor mixing, we recommend that you store the pheromone capsules in a closed container, as this is also the most convenient!