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Soni-mite | Slow-release predatory mite sachets for spider mites

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  • Prevent spider mites from infesting your plants
  • Hang 1 - 3 sachets per plant
  • Predatory mites in your plants for 5 weeks
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    Soni-mite contains predatory mites of the species Neoseiulus californicus. These predatory mites control various types of pest mites including spider mites, red spider mites, various gall mites, rust mites etc.... They can be used in vegetable growing, ornamental horticulture, fruit growing and nurseries.

    They are active at temperatures between 6°C and 40°C. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and humidity is not important. Unlike other species of predatory mites, they can tolerate warm, dry conditions.

    Advantages of Soni-mite

    • Easy to hang in crops thanks to the supplied hanging loop.
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors against gall mites and rust.
    • Predatory mites will actively roam crops for 5 weeks.
    • Great value: a large number of predatory mites for a modest price, for 5 weeks.

    Disadvantages of Soni-mite

    • The sachets do not start working until the date printed on the bags. Newly produced bags need a start-up time (= breeding time) of one week before the first predatory mites start to emerge. You should take this into account when ordering. Spider mites can grow very fast, which means that Soni-mite is used as a preventive measure against spider mites in indoor crops. Outdoors, Soni-mite is also used curatively. If you have a serious mite problem, use Phyto-mite indoors or Forni-mite outdoors.
    • A waiting period is necessary before an effect is visible.

    Damage caused by spider mites

    Spider mites are present on a large number of host plants where they can cause a lot of damage. When affected, the leaves turn yellow-brown and later webs develop. In addition to the aesthetic damage, they also inhibit plant growth.

    How does it work?

    Soni-mite consists of 15, 50, 100 or 250 breeding sachets. Each breeding bag contains about 250 predatory Neoseiulus californicus mites in a substrate of bran and food mites. Over a period of five weeks, a single bag will produce a thousand predatory mites that can easily spread throughout the crops through a pre-cut hole in the waterproof paper of the bag.

    How many sachets do I need?

    Hang 1 sachet per 1 m². If the plants are not touching each other, you will need to hang 1 bag per plant, as the predatory mites will not move through the soil to other plants. Repeat after 5 weeks if you want to protect your crops as a preventive measure.

    Pro's & cons
    • Ideal as prevention or after-care in plants prone to spider mites
    • Long-term protection: predatory mites roaming your plants for 5 weeks
    • Easy to use, simply hang sachets in the plants
    • Conspicuous in plants
    • Will not cure a large infestation
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    We are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET, Monday through Friday. We speak English, Dutch, French and German!
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